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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Fraser Island: Introduction

Fraser Island is a dreamy paradise, especially for the walker. While most visitors to the largest sand island in the world hire four-wheel-drives and go burning up and down Seventy-five Mile Beach (and who can blame them?), exploring the island by foot is surely the most rewarding way to discover the beauty of this special place.

The range of habitats is impressive, and if you start and end your walk from McKenzie's Jetty, you can pass through them all. On the west coast lurk mangrove swamps and thousands of sandflies, so you may want to skip that part, but it's only a few kilometres to the centre, where scrubland and forests rub shoulders with incredible lakes. Surely the most impressive part, though, is the east coast of the island, where Seventy-five Mile Beach stretches into the distance in a perfect arc. Unfortunately it's not a suitable beach for swimming, as the currents are way too strong, but when you consider the sand formations of The Pinnacles, the gushing waters of Eli Creek and the wreck of the Maheno, it's easy to live without a dip.

The wildlife is impressive too, and if you want to see dingoes, the wild dogs of Australia, then this is the place to be. Wild dingoes roam the island, often popping in to campsites to see what they can steal, and although you have to be careful with your belongings, they are quite a sight.

Landscapes, wildlife and hardly any humans outside the main drag – what more can a walker possibly want?

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