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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Annapurna Circuit: Acute Mountain Sickness

Nepalese prayer wheels
Nepalese prayer wheels, which you spin round to send a prayer up to heaven

'A lover without indiscretion is no lover at all' reads a poster in the tea shop a few days into the trail, and the total nonsense of the message seems quite in keeping with the contradictions you can see along the trail. Slashing a route through the deepest mountain valleys, the Annapurna Circuit passes through villages that used to be almost invisible, but which now sport signs in English, shops selling western luxuries, hotels with hot showers and even international telephone booths for those people who can't resist intruding on the outside world. The Annapurna Circuit isn't known as the Apple Pie Trail and the Coca-Cola Circuit for nothing.

Nepalese prayer wheels
When they wear out, just replace them with prayers to the Great God Nestlé
Chidren in Braga examining a camera
Children in Braga examining a camera
A snowman in the Himalayas
If you can't be bothered to build a real snowman, just bring your own along