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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Fraser Island: Day 7: Inland Lakes and Diana

Mark sitting on a beach
The dunes of Seventy-Five Mile Beach are great for sitting and thinking

Day 7, my last full day on the island, arrived after I'd slept the sleep of the dead. Heading inland towards the west, I arrived at Lake Wabby at 8am, a time well before the arrival of any tourists. Lake Wabby is an interesting place; it's the deepest lake on the island, and it's slowly being encroached by a massive sandblow that's moving about three metres a year into the lake. It's a serene place, with its green water and surrounding forest, and after a refreshing stop, I struck into the forest in the direction of Lake McKenzie, which I reached without further ado after some 14km.

Lake Wabby
Lake Wabby is gradually losing its fight with the encroaching dunes