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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Fraser Island: Route

As far as walking goes, the best thing about Fraser Island is how many different options there are. If you manage to track down a decent map of the island – there's a good walking leaflet available from the City Council offices in Hervey Bay – then you'll see that there are loads of walking trails criss-crossing the island, and assuming you're self-sufficient (i.e. carrying a tent, food and so on), you can go pretty much anywhere you please.

Day Walk km
1 McKenzie's Jetty to Central Station 8
2 Central Station to Lake Benaroon 7
3 Lake Benaroon to Seventy-five Mile Beach (3km south of Eurong) 21.5
4 Seventy-five Mile Beach to Eli Creek 27.5
5 Rest day at Eli Creek -
6 Eli Creek to Seventy-five Mile Beach (near turn-off for Lake Wabby) 25
7 Seventy-five Mile Beach to Lake McKenzie 14
8 Lake McKenzie to McKenzie's Jetty 7
Total distance 110

Although the whole island is special, I highly recommend camping at Eli Creek and taking a day off to explore the Pinnacles, the wreck of the Maheno and the waters of Eli Creek; they're the highlights of an astounding place.