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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Gunung Rinjani: Day 1: The Crater Rim

A busy mountain shelter
Pos III at lunchtime

From Senaru, which is to the north of the mountain, I headed south through rainforest, climbing from Senaru at 600m to the crater rim at 2600m; the ascent was tiring, but it was a simple case of putting one foot in front of the other. I passed three very basic mountain shelters, known as Pos I, II and III on my map, but soon enough I reached the rim, where the most incredible views opened up in front of me. For the first night I camped right there on the rim, overlooking the inside of the crater, with its beautiful lake and second, still-smoking cone (the latter being the result of a recent eruption in 1994). The whole place was stunning; suffice to say that I have never seen a sight quite like the crater of Rinjani, even in Tongariro, and it was worth the six-hour uphill struggle just to see that view.

Mark on the first rim of Gunung Rinjani
Resting on the first rim at 2300m, with the main 3726m peak in the background
Campsite on the first rim
My campsite on the first rim