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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Gunung Rinjani: Day 2: Across the Crater

The view into the crater
The descent into Rinjani's crater, with the main peak visible in the far distance

The next day I was up for the sunrise, a pleasant affair that would have been better if the whole of Lombok hadn't been covered in cloud (though, being above the cloud layer by now, it was still beautiful). An early start saw me loping down the crater rim towards the east, stopping at the crater lake for a breather. Then it was on to the hot springs, a delightful river that cascades in waterfalls into rock pools with temperatures between boiling and warm; I found a lovely spot under a 40° waterfall and washed away all those aches and pains. However, it wasn't long before I had to strike back up to the crater rim, this time on the eastern side, ready to tackle the summit.

1 A few weeks before I visited, a Dutchman died on Rinjani from exposure while camping on one of the rims. Rinjani is not a climb to take lightly, though with sensible precautions it's not unsafe.