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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Gunung Rinjani: Day 4: Back to Senaru

Looking back to the summit from the rim
A last view of the summit and crater lake before starting the descent

The last day was a simple job, back up to the first crater rim, and down the long slope to Senaru. I met Morton and Linda again, along with an Aussie couple called Mick and Ruth, and by the time we all reached the village, we'd arranged to meet up with each other for a feed and a couple of beers, as ever one of the sweetest moments of a long walk. It was also exactly what I needed; company helped banish the feeling of emptiness I'd had before arriving in Senaru, and my plans started to fall into place as we talked about good places to visit and how to get there. And as if I needed reminding about fate, it turned out that Mick had a Pelni timetable – Pelni being the inter-island ferry company in Indonesia, an outfit notorious for not being able to provide punters with timetables – so I copied the relevant details from him, and used it to sit down and plan my itinerary through Sulawesi. It was simply perfect timing.

Clouds against the slopes of Gunung Rinjani
Breaking through clouds on the descent