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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Kepler Track: Preamble

A warning sign about keas
This warning sign in Te Anau is spot on; keas really are delinquents

The little town of Te Anau is home to DOC's headquarters for Fiordland National Park, and it's also the start and end point of the circular Kepler Track, which I thought would be a good introduction to New Zealand's longer treks. Stocking up for the Kepler was pretty easy, as it's one of the more mollycoddled walks in the country, with relatively luxurious huts, gas cookers, plenty of beds and a very high standard of track. I decided to take a leisurely four days over the walk, which is about as long as you can take, so I bought all the provisions I needed, and after exploring Te Anau and its various points of interest, I headed north to Ten Mile Bush, the nearest DOC campsite to town, and settled in for the night. I never really got to see Ten Mile Bush because it was dark when I arrived, but when I woke up and saw that it was little more than a normal rest area, I popped up to the next one, Henry Creek, and spent Saturday unwinding and packing in preparation for the walk.

Te Anau
Across the lake is Te Anau, the pretty Fiordland town where the round trip of the Kepler Track starts and finishes