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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Mt Cook: Preamble

Mark posing by the track to the Mueller Hut
Posing by the track to the Mueller Hut with growling Mt Sefton in the background

Thursday came with the rain. Until now the rain has been annoying but it's generally been pretty warm, but here in the mountains it's cold, and when things get wet they don't dry out. The drive to Mt Cook village was pleasant enough, but when I arrived the clouds had gathered en masse, spilling over the mountains and dribbling constant rain on the village. I'd been planning to pop up a couple of the mountains and staying in some of the DOC huts, but the weather rained on that idea, so I did a quick walk up to the Red Tarns (a tarn being a mountain lake) and then hit the public shelter.

Mt Sefton
The snowy peak of Mt Sefton looms over the campsite in Mt Cook village