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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Mt Cook: Route

Because this section describes a collection of shorter walks rather than a long-distance trek, there isn't a route as such. However, if you want to spend five days exploring the Mt Cook area you could do a lot worse than follow the following itinerary, which combines mountain trudging and glacier hiking with a gentle introductory day.

Day Walk Time
1 Mt Cook Village to Hooker Glacier and back 4 hours
2 Mt Cook to Mueller Hut -
3 Mueller Hut to Mt Cook 2.5 hours
4 Road End to Ball Shelter 3.5 hours
5 Ball Shelter to Road End 3.5 hours

I didn't make a note of how long it took to climb up to the Mueller Hut, but please note that the descent time included a lot of sliding down snow drifts, and it took us a lot longer to climb up!