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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Pilbara Bushwalk: Day 6: Climbing Down Waterfalls

Do I love you, my oh my
River deep, mountain high
If I lost you would I cry
Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby

'River Deep, Mountain High', Ike and Tina Turner

Scenery along Pillinginni Creek
Stunning scenery along Pillinginni Creek

Pillinginni was a pretty little creek, but it was pretty nasty to walk down. At one point we got to a dry waterfall, which we had to navigate by me climbing down, Scott then handing me the packs, and then him coming down. The only problem was that the climb down, a good few metres, required you to get a hand grip on a crack, and then effectively jump off and let yourself dangle, as there were no footholds; only then could you drop to the ground.