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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Routeburn-Greenstone Track: Days 3-4: Greenstone Track

Lake Howden
Lake Howden, where the Routeburn meets the Greenstone

The Greenstone, while undoubtedly a lovely walk, did rather bore me. The reason? It's another leafy, forested valley walk, and I'd had quite a lot of that already on the Kepler and Hollyford Tracks already. The solution? I hoofed it and walked all the way to the last hut, Sly Burn, in the one day, on top of the 11km or so from the last part of the Routeburn and the side trip up Key Summit. The views were wonderful most of the way, even though I was a bit tired of river valleys, and although my body ached and my feet throbbed, I made it to the hut to find there was one spare bed in the hut – mine! – and a refreshingly freezing swimming hole down the river bank. I almost felt human after my evening rice dish, and fell asleep on the soft, warm mattress the second I hit it.

The Greenstone Valley
The Greenstone Valley
Stark scenery at Glenorchy
Stark scenery at Glenorchy, where Lake Wakatipu signals the end of the track