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Long-Distance Walks with Mark Moxon

Taranaki Circuit: Days 2-3: Waiaua Gorge

Mt Taranaki from Waiaua Gorge
Mt Taranaki from Waiaua Gorge, with Fanthams Peak visible on the right

Friday saw us scramble over the alpine route to Waiaua Gorge, and again the visibility was pretty bad, although we did get a good view of the volcano in the morning before the clouds rolled in. Saturday was much the same, with the track wandering around through alpine scrub and rainforest to Holly Hut. This walk is probably the most physically demanding track I've yet done, with climbs and descents of about 1000m every day, and by the time we reached the huts I was totally exhausted, even more than I'd been on the Pyke Loop; I can generally walk for miles and miles on the flat, but put a hill in front of me and watch me squirm.